2 people / 4 ways

Since some of you may know only one of us, we’re sharing how we typically handle four situations, so that you can start to get to know our quirks a little better. –Rose


Rose parking vs. Scott parking

Rose, who learned how to drive while living in southern California, will circle around a couple times to find the absolute closest parking spot possible. She believes that on principle, there is no reason to not park close — impossibly close is even better! — to your destination.

Scott, who was born and raised in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula (making him a Yooper), finds it ideal to park in a ZIP code other than the one where his destination is located. He apparently picked this up from his father, who doesn’t believe in parking in crowded sections of parking lots.

Scott and Rose first learned about these habits the very first time they drove together not long after they met and were still working at the Michigan House of Representatives. Scott pulled into a parking spot and said, “Is this OK?” Rose said, “Actually, no. Sorry.” And they weren’t even dating! These days, Scott either drops Rose off first and parks, or compromises his parking own principles by choosing a slightly closer parking spot.

Rose ordering at Subway vs. Scott ordering at Subway

Rose to the poor Subway sandwich maker who has to deal with her (PSSMWHTDWH)

Rose: Do you have a veggie patty option? 
Rose: So you’re saying that the only choices I have are listed on your menu board, and I don’t have any other choices for my flatbread other than vegetables, chicken, turkey or beef?
PSSMWHTDWH: We have eggs too.
Rose: Oh, good! OK, can I have an egg omelet on flatbread.
PSSMWHTDWH: What would you like on that?
Rose: Pepperjack and all vegetables except pickles and lettuce. You don’t happen to have artichoke hearts, do you? Artichoke hearts would make your flatbread sandwiches and subs taste way better.

Scott to the Subway sandwich maker

Scott: Could I have an oven-roasted chicken sandwich please, on wheat, with only spinach and pickles. Thanks!

Rose at a Detroit Tigers game vs. Scott at a Detroit Tigers game

Rose: Why are they booing Brandon Inge? He tried his best to get a hit. It’s not his fault that he swung on four straight pitches in the dirt with an 0-2 count. I feel soooo bad for him!



Rose at a Radiohead concert vs. Scott at a Radiohead concert

When the first note is played, Rose quietly sighs and thinks, “Everything is in its right place.”

When the first note is played, Scott quietly sighs and thinks, “Everything is in its right place.”


Note on the making of this page

Scott just turned to me and said, “Put in that I sometimes order jalapenos now at Subway. Don’t lie to make your story better!” He was so adamant he even pointed at me.

I would never stretch Scott’s quirks to make a story better!

I wrote all the blurbs except for the Detroit Tigers one, which Scott wrote. Unfortunately, I knew ahead of time that nothing he could say about my ability (or lack thereof) to be a good sports fan could be exaggerated.

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(Photo credits: Image of a Subway breakfast sandwich on flatbread via Subway.com.)


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