More about the troublemakers


I hope you enjoyed the 2 people / 4 ways page. While we know most of our invited guests pretty well, the wedding will be a chance to connect to some old friends we haven’t caught up with in a long time and extended family members we never get to see. The Wordle above gives you a taste of our individual passions and some of the adventures Scott and I have had together. More details are below. –Rose


Colleagues –> Friends –> Better friends –> A couple –> A married couple!

Scott and I have an unusual history — we have somehow managed to now work at three different jobs together. Scott and I met after we both left journalism. He had just been hired as a writer at the House of Representatives when I got hired. He was a great colleague to have, and eventually, we got to be friends. As those who have worked in high-stress places such as newsrooms or political spheres know, some of the best friends you make are the ones you connect with while you’re in the trenches.

I was only at the House a short time, though. Scott and I stayed close when I left politics for health care. Not too long afterwards, a job opened up in the same marketing department I was in. I had been through some challenging periods in my personal life, but once that settled down, Scott and I grew even closer. And perhaps it was inevitable — by the time I left the health system, we were an item.

When I joined Martin Waymire Advocacy Communications in December 2010, I thought our days of working together were over. But a position at the agency opened up soon after that, and the hiring team at Martin Waymire thought Scott would be a good fit as a social media account executive, despite the fact that he and I were dating (happy to say I was not on that hiring team. 🙂 ) . I’m so grateful to get to once again work with Scott, who is as dependable as a rock. He’s smart, funny and cares about helping out his colleagues.

How do work together every day and still stand it? Quite frankly, since I’ve known Scott a lot longer as a colleague than in any other way, it would feel strange at this point to not get to work with him. We work really well together thanks to a few guidelines:

  • We don’t bring our relationship to work. (If we didn’t tell you we were together, you probably wouldn’t know it if you only knew us at work.)
  • We minimize how much work talk we do at home.
  • We see each other more at work than at home. After work, we go our separate ways — Scott to his Okinawan karate classes or to work out, while I leave to teach or take a yoga class.
  • On Fridays, when we can, we leave work, go to Grand Rapids, have dinner and take a salsa dancing lesson together. It’s amazing how much this quality time together has helped the quality of our relationship.


Home sweet home

So…what next? Well, I can tell you honestly that about once a week, while I am at work, I pinch myself. It astounds me that I am working at such an amazing agency owned by, and staffed by, some of the smartest and coolest people I have ever had the good fortune to cross paths with. I love too that even though I left journalism and now work in public relations/marketing, many days still feel like working in a newsroom. We research, we write, we believe in gumshoe reporting. At Martin Waymire (here’s my shameless plug), we do a little bit of everything for our clients — communications strategy, media training, issues management, social media training, social media strategy and website development, to name a few services. We all — even our office dog/canine executive officer (CEO), Riddle — work hard and play hard.

Before coming to Martin Waymire, I had one foot out of the state of Michigan. I wanted back to California, where my family lives, so badly. Even though I’ve lived in Louisiana, Texas, New York, Massachusetts and lived part-time in Montreal, California has, more than anywhere, felt like home to me. People there aren’t from there, and they understand what it’s like to be in a constant state of searching for something more.

Now, however…

  • Both Scott and I work at a place where we feel fulfilled — where our bosses and colleagues make us feel at home.
  • I am teaching yoga four times a week in different three studios, and I love what I do.
  • Scott is a 10-minute drive from his Okinawan karate studio, which happens to be the North American headquarters for this style of martial arts.
  • I am an hour away from a Mysore-trained Ashtanga yoga teacher who continues to help me deepen my Ashtanga practice.
  • Scott is a 5-minute drive from Elderly Instruments, one of the country’s best guitar shops.
  • We are an hour away from our kick-ass salsa dancing teacher who not only teaches us how to move our bodies, but how to feel each other’s subtleties.

And now . . . Scott and I are preparing to get married. It’s incredible. I’m  looking forward to house hunting with him. And I’m looking forward to starting a family with him.


7 thoughts on “More about the troublemakers

  1. Not going to lie…slightly disappointed that Arrested Development and/or the word “Tobias” was not included in the wordle…

    Still love you guys and love the website!

    • Katie — holy crap, you are correct. I’m afraid Rose cirsumvented the appropriate process and did not get this approved by me. No way would I have forgotten such a vital part of the Wordle. Come ON.

      – Scott

  2. It’s so wonderful to see you so happy and finally get to know a bit of your history beyond yoga! We are very lucky to have the both of you in the mitten:)

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