All I Need

Radiohead's current King of Limbs tour has the band's best stage design yet, complete with angled floating screens.

By Scott

It’s Sunday night — time to do laundry, maybe pack a lunch, and generally prepare for the week ahead.

If you’re a normal person.

If you’re Rose and I, you’re dialed in to this Twitter account, which is currently live-tweeting the set list from tonight’s Radiohead show in Kansas City.

“Whoa, they played ‘Meeting In The Aisle’ — first time since the OKC tour!”

“They’re opening with ‘Bloom’ again?”

“Come on ‘Pearly*!'”

We’re still a bit high from this Friday, when we combined two of our favorite things — travel and Radiohead — to see the lads from Oxford in the flesh for the first time in four years, at the Scottrade Center in St. Louis. Believe it or not, that’s not even the furthest we’ve gone to see them — that honor belongs to an 11-hour sojourn to the Nissan Center in suburban Washington, D.C., where we waited in a freezing cold early May rain, braving the threat of pneumonia for 7 hours to get our spots along the rail.

(A quick aside: in addition to the monumental cold, that show was immensely memorable for two more reasons. 1.) a rare, beautiful version of “Like Spinning Plates,” and 2.) a post-show encounter with a young man who had obviously ingested a significant amount of illegal substances. He was shuffling around aimlessly in tears when we came across him, slobbering about needing “help.” Despite wanting desperately to get out of the cold ourselves, we wandered around the venue with him for a while, finally finding a team of security guards who carted him off to somewhere warm, but only after some arguing and haranguing on our part. Perhaps he wasn’t the only high, freezing teenager they had dealt with that night.)

Clearly, I digress. The point is this: Radiohead has always held a very special place in our relationship. When we were just getting to

Here we are with Bear in front of the Scottrade Center. A guy was breaking down the merch table (which had moved inside) as we walked by, and Rose asked him if we could take a photo with the Radiohead icon first. We decided to stylize the photo, because it looks way better this way (among the portions edited out -- a half-eaten sandwich in my left hand.)

know each other, we went out for drinks at a downtown Lansing watering hole with some of our fellow colleagues. I was only half paying attention when talk turned to bands we most wanted to see live, and Rose said Radiohead were her no.1. That got my attention! A few days later she burned a few CDs for me (remember those?) — one of which was a Radiohead bootleg. Talk about a keeper.

Since then, we’ve eagerly anticipated new albums, watched sketchy web streams of live  shows, ordered way too much merchandise from the WASTE shop and obsessed over favorite tracks — all together.

Friday’s St. Louis show was the latest chapter in our Radiohead story.  Highlights included a particularly angry version of “Myxomatosis,” long-time favorite “Lucky,” and a stunning finale of “Give Up the Ghost,” “You and Whose Army?” and “Idioteque” (even in this low-quality video, you can really feel the thump! And don’t miss the gentleman’s reaction at 2:53). We hit up the merch tables (yep, plural), chatted with fellow obsessives and basically had the kind of fun people can only have when they’re doing the thing they enjoy most in the world.

Our next Radiohead adventure isn’t so far off — we’ll be seeing them again at the Palace Of Auburn Hills on June 11, as a newly married couple.

We’ll be the ones not acting our age and having more fun than anybody else.

(Graphic credit: Via The Radiohead News Facebook page, posting Benjamin S. Briseño’s photo.)


2 thoughts on “All I Need

  1. Scott, this blog post made me so happy. I love knowing that you guys are so happy together!!! BTW, we have extra tickets to the April show if you can squeeze in one more Cali visit before the wedding 😉

    • Oh man. Don’t tempt us, Alisa!

      P.S. I just noticed the other day that they’ve never played “Palo Alto” live before. It seems fitting to play that in your neck if the woods, so i think you should try to make that happen at your show 🙂

      – Scott

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