Post script to All I Need (aka the power of Radiohead, part 2)

By Rose

March Madness is airing, on mute, on the TV (mainly as a distraction) as Radiohead’s legendary Salamanca show plays. (I can’t help but to note that the current track as I start to post this is “Punch-Up a Wedding.”)

One of these days — not that I expect to have the time — I should do a blog post in defense of Bridezillas. Because here’s the thing — I am not a wedding ceremony kind of girl. I don’t live and breathe or Pinterest wedding pins (although I do love Etsy when it comes to wedding planning).  I haven’t spent years picturing a wedding ceremony, so I don’t have specific oddball details I have to have. I like certain colors, but I don’t obsess about them (OK, admittedly, fonts are another issue). I suppose I could come up with a wedding theme. I have parents and future in-laws who aren’t forcing their idea of what this wedding should be like — in fact, they’re being pretty awesomely supportive. I have amazing sisters and friends who are helping me every step of the way. And Scott is as nearly perfect as future husbands could come (some points off  for not getting things done as lightning-quick as I want, but that’s probably more about me than him).

And yet, I am having a hard time keeping it together the last couple of days.

My astrology- and yoga-minded friends will say of course, it’s Mercury retrograde. Others might observe it’s the Ides of March.

Scott figured perhaps I needed I more Radiohead.

I feel better already. (And I would be remiss to not note that the track playing as I wrap up this post is “Everything in Its Right Place.”)



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