Meet our wedding team: Photographer Coreene Smith

We’ll be doing periodic blog posts to introduce you to our wedding team. They say it takes a village to raise a child, but at this point, we’re pretty sure it takes a village to have a wedding as well. We want to thank everyone — from our photographer and catering manager to our family and friends — for being there to help us every step of the way.

Coreene Smith, our wedding photographer


Coreene Smith is the founder and owner of Tavla Studio, which is based in Traverse City, Mich. 

The back story

Coreene took the photos in the image slider you see on the homepage of this website. Rose knows Coreene from Hilltop Yoga, where they both completed the teacher training program. Having seen Coreene’s work in the yoga studio, Rose knew she wanted Coreene as her wedding photographer. It turns out Coreene has common ground with Scott, too. Keep reading.

On the wedding day

You’ll be seeing Coreene flitting about taking photos. You will also see her assistant, Rachel, who will set up a special table to take guest photographs throughout the evening. Please don’t be shy about visiting Rachel at the guest portrait table!  

Q: Why did you call your photography studio Tavla Studio?

A:  “Tavla” is Swedish for “picture,” and I am half Swedish. My family are Iron Mountain Yoopers, like Scott’s family! The Iron Mountain Yooper Swedes. 🙂

Q:  When did you know you wanted to pursue photography as a career?

A: I’ve always wanted to be an artist. My mom gave me a painting easel when I was 7 because I was obsessed with Bob Ross. My first photo shoot was when I was about 12 years old and I would dress up my neighbor girl. I would apply make-up on her and shoot her in my front yard. But I didn’t actually decide to pursue it as a career until I was a sophomore in college.

Q: What kind of shooting do you like most? 

A: I photograph whatever strikes me as beautiful in the moment. Whether it’s landscapes, my dog or an apple sitting on the counter in my kitchen – whatever strikes me, I photograph.

Q: You photograph a lot of weddings. What do you like most about shooting weddings? 

A: I like capturing the story — so 50 years from now, you still have that. It’s the one thing after a wedding you still have — the food is gone, the dress doesn’t fit. But you have the photos. I’m honored and humbled to be the person who gets to capture that.

Q: What’s the most challenging part of shooting weddings?

A: The most challenging aspect is the computer work that comes afterwards. I love the day of. People say, “bridezillas.” I never have that problem. I’ve never once encountered a bridezilla ever. For me, the most challenging part is having to sit on my butt in front of my computer  because I’d rather be out shooting.


2 thoughts on “Meet our wedding team: Photographer Coreene Smith

  1. While Iam not someone who knows the bride or groom, I DO know the Photographer! Coreene is such a consumate professional, and a wonderful person. I have known her in the business world for several years now, and I have her to come into my spa to photograph for me. I love her fresh way of looking at everything. After seeing the pictures she took during our sessions, I was pleasantly surprised at the “mundane” pictures she took of items just setting around in my treatment room. I love her work!

    You are very fortunate to have Coreene as your photograhper because you will have beautiful, relevant memories forever!

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