His and hers speeding tickets

By Scott

“You two work together? And you don’t want to kill each other?”

It’s a common, understandable question when people find out that Rose and I work in the same office. It’s a pretty unusual situation, for sure. Typically, our answer is two-fold.

First, we work pretty damn well together. We started out as coworkers, and have been coworkers three times over — first at the Michigan House of Representatives, then at Sparrow Hospital, and now at Martin Waymire Advocacy Communications. At each, we’ve operated as a sort of professional ying-yang — our skills (and weaknesses) have balanced each other out remarkably well.

Secondly, we’ve always maintained our own separate interests and schedules. Rose has her intense yoga teaching schedule, her daily yoga practice, and her blogging. I have my karate classes, my guitar study and my tendency to spend far too much time gorging on all things pop culture.

After all, it seems a bit unhealthy when couples do too much together, right? Like wearing matching outfits, or ordering the same exact meal at a restaurant.

Or getting matching speeding tickets. Within 10 minutes of each other. On the same street. BY THE SAME COP.

Yep, Rose and I engaged in the ultimate example of ridiculous his-and-hers behavior on our way into work last Friday. In an absurd coincidence, both of us were pulled over on Saginaw Avenue here in Lansing. Apparently, neither of us were charming enough to get off without a ticket. Oh well.

While Rose’s legendary temper was on full display Friday morning, with a few days’ buffer we can appreciate that the whole situation is actually pretty damn funny. And, in weird way, a great example of our compatibility!

There is one problem, though — with these added costs, we’re afraid we’re going to have to cut back on some wedding expenses. So, no more hosted sangria for you.


April fools — at least on the sangria 🙂 (a shame we can’t say the same for the ticket story!).


6 thoughts on “His and hers speeding tickets

  1. By the way, even though I didn’t write this blog post, I want to dedicate it to Anna F., my partner in crime in racking up speeding tickets. Anna — even though Scott apparently is picking up bad habits from me, I want you to know that he will never replace you as my speeding ticket co-conspirator! 🙂


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