[Rehearsal dinner dress] Lust for Luxe

Everlasting Luxe Gown by Substance

Dress Dossier: The Everlasting Luxe Gown

  • Charcoal gray
  • Repurposed brushed cotton poplin
  • Silk trim
  • Cascading ruffles
  • Delicate ruching
  • Asymmetrical shoulder
  • Custom made in Columbus, Ohio
  • Wearing during the rehearsal dinner

By Rose

I found this dress last year in Columbus, Ohio — in a cool little shop called Substance — when I was on break from a yoga workshop with Tim Miller. (I always get into trouble during those yoga breaks! Another reason why yoga keeps us on the straight and narrow.) I fell in love with it immediately — especially with how it drapes — and hoped the other women in the store didn’t notice how many times I had run my hands over the model.

The Everlasting Luxe Gown is a Substance custom design made from repurposed charcoal gray brushed cotton poplin with alluring cascading ruffles, sweet ruching and an asymmetrical shoulder. The silk trim rounds out the unique personality of this dress. Alternate view of the Everlasting Luxe Gown

But the gown and I were not yet meant to be together. The price tag of the dress put it out of my league.

When I first saw this dress, there were no wedding plans whatsoever. Late summer, after wedding plans had emerged, I received an email from Substance. I must have won the fashion lottery that day, because this dress — the one I had perhaps inappropriately rubbed one too many times several months before — was 50 percent off and then discounted on top of that.

Everlasting Luxe Gown packagingI was so excited by this dress — the only model made, since this is a custom order — that I was entertaining driving down to Columbus just to see if it fit. Happily, the store clerk intervened and said she could ship it to me, and if it didn’t fit, I could ship it back — an earth-shatteringly brilliant idea (shipping!) that, in my lust for luxe, I had never considered.

I took it as a sign that we were meant to be.

I can’t wait to wear it to our rehearsal dinner, although I suppose “rehearsal” is a bit of a misnomer, since we aren’t rehearsing anything — except perhaps my wearing of the dress for future occasions. And so that my future in-laws don’t think I’m too strange (they already know I’m at least a little quirky), I’ll try to keep the caressing of the dress to a minimum.

P.S. — I’m still considering jewelry options for the dress. What do you think about an arm cuff? Too much?

(Image credits of the dress: Screenshot of Substance.com’s Everlasting Luxe Gown page) 


10 thoughts on “[Rehearsal dinner dress] Lust for Luxe

  1. That dress is beautiful!! You must wear it again and again and again!! Beautiful, and will look even more beautiful on you!!!

    • Thanks, Andrea! I always think I am so far from getting “fashion,” but when I see pieces like this, I think, “I love this fashion stuff! I just need to find the right places to look.”

      So, in short, I guess the wedding planning has been a chance to connect to my inner fashion diva. I will surely return to dressing down after the wedding — except on days when I bust out this dress!


      • So actually your wedding jewelry would go perfect with this dress. If you don’t want to debut your wedding jewelry early, I can either look for a different set for your rehearsal dinner or your wedding (which might be easier). In either case, I can start looking for an arm cuff to go with this dress. Let me know…

      • Just a reminder: I need your upper arm measurement and your choices: silver/bronze (I’m guessing silver) and bead colors. If you upload a picture of your wedding jewelry, I could send it to her and ask her to try to match.

      • She’s ordering the Swarovski crystals and the Caribbean opals for your arm cuff and I’m having it shipped directly to you. Love you!

      • I loved the arm cuff so much! I wish I had had time before the wedding to do a blog post on the arm cuff and the ring you bought me for the rehearsal dinner outfit.

        I packed that arm cuff, by the way. Maybe it’ll work with a summer dress on the beach. Maybe it won’t — but I will surely find out and let you know. 🙂

        Thanks again!


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