Oops: The top 5 wedding-related things we forgot to do/buy/think about.

By Rose

Tomorrow marks the third day of the three-day marriage license waiting period that the Michigan county we currently live in requires. It’s amazing that we submitted our application for the license at all, however — because had the officiant of our wedding ceremony not off-handedly mention the paperwork in an email, we might have never remembered it.


So, in honor of that wedding duh moment, here are the top 5 wedding-related things we forgot to do/buy/think about.

5. Marriage license.

4. First dance (but our salsa teacher intervened).

3. Wedding program (our wedding coordinator stepped in there).

2. Vows (luckily, we’re both writers used to writing on deadline, and we kicked it out this weekend — romantic, we know).

1. Engagement ring. (I want to clarify that neither one of us thought of this — this was not Scott being a guy. I honestly would have been OK without a ring, but Scott’s parents very sweetly intervened, and gave us a gift of their 10th anniversary ring, which fit perfectly. I took that as a sign.)

You may be wondering how this is possible. It’s not like we’re anti-social people who have never attending weddings. I just think neither one of us has ever pictured ourselves in something as formal as a wedding, so when it came time to plan one, we thought in broad, practical strokes: Pick a date, find a ceremony location, find a reception location, invite people. Done! Wait . . . you mean there’s more than that to think about?

 Engagement ring

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