Meet our wedding team: Tammy Trew, skin care and bridal makeup expert

One of the interesting conundrums about wedding planning for a bride, Rose has learned, is that there are a ridiculous series of deadlines and, therefore, times when stress levels spikes — perhaps less so because of everything there is to do, but because the rest of your life doesn’t slow down at all as you are expected to take on this part-time — which sometimes feels like a full-time — job of wedding planing. Over the past few months, Tammy has helped Rose’s skin calm the *&% down during these periods. 

Tammy Trew, skin care and bridal makeup expert


Tammy Trew — whose areas of expertise include facial/skin care, makeup, and hair removal by waxing — is an aesthetician at the Douglas J Salon and Day Spa in Okemos, Mich. (which, by the way, is located across the street from Sanctuary Yoga, one of the studios where Rose teaches yoga.)

The backstory

Image of makup brushes via o5com's FlickrRose has been going to Tammy for years now, and still, almost every time she arrives for an appointment, she starts out by saying, “I know I am long overdue for an appointment with you . . . it’s just been so busy.” She’s grateful Tammy is always supportive, always makes her feel better, and always reminds her that everything will all be OK. If you’re in the greater Lansing area and have been searching for an aesthetician who knows her stuff and is a sweetheart to boot, call Tammy.

On the wedding day

Tammy will be making an early-morning trek from Lansing to Grand Rapids to do makeup for the bridal party.

Q: What are some of the challenges you see your clients facing when it comes to healthy skin?

A: I think the biggest challenge people face with maintaining healthy looking skin is time. Let’s face it, ladies — as time goes on and we notice the changes happening, we have to realize it might take a few more steps than just cleansing and moisturizing to get the results we desire.

Q: What recommendations do you have for maintaining healthier skin?

A: Whatever your skin care entails, do it consistently. Everyday homecare is just as important as getting a facial every four to eight weeks. My favorite product no matter your age is eye cream. Start it early in life and you will be glad 10 or so years down the road . . . trust me on this one!

Q: In general, do you think men pay enough attention to the health of their skin?

A: I think men are becoming aware of taking care of their skin, though I must admit it often takes the significant other to give the final nudge that gets a male in for a facial. I think the “girly” stereotype will go away as generations come up. Men should really mind the brows. There’s no sense in paying for an awesome haircut if you have unruly brows . . . . the look is incomplete and no one will notice you’re haircut.

Q: What is your philosophy when it comes to bridal make-up?

A: I think the best approach is to make every bride beautiful by just enhancing her already natural beauty. I want a bride to look in the mirror and still feel like herself, but also feel that she looks appropriate for her special day. It may take a little more product to achieve desired results, but if she looks awesome in the end, that’s what i’m after.

Q: What is your favorite area of the face to play around with when it comes to cosmetics?

A: I often feel that everyone wants to focus on making the eyes the focal point. That is a great area to mess around with, but I almost love working complexion makeup even more. There’s something to be said for evening out the skin tone, hiding the imperfections, and just adding a hint of blush to achieve a flawless canvas. I think it’s an area often overlooked and/or underappreciated.


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