[Bridesmaids dresses] Soft, flowing luxe chiffon

Kiera, from the Jenny Yoo Collection

Dress Dossier: Keira in luxe chiffon

  • Jenny Yoo Collection
  • Twisted strapless bodice
  • Layer of soft tulle attached to the lining’s hem creates a slight A-line skirt
  • Waist band hits just above the natural waist with delicate gathers
  • Dress hits just above knee
  • Center back zipper
  • Skirt has two convertible panels that can create alternate necklines and skirt details
  • Patent pending
  • Ceil blue

By Rose

My sisters, Sedora and Alisa, were finally able to pick up their bridesmaids dresses this weekend.

I suppose it’s impressive they were able to find anything appropriate at all. Some brides are faulted for being too quirky and particular when it comes to bridesmaids dresses (world’s ugliest bridesmaids dresses, anyone?). I could be faulted for being a pain in the other direction. My sisters asked me early on in this whole wedding planning process about what kind of bridesmaids dresses I wanted them to wear, and the only answer I ever had for them was: It’s up to you.

They asked me about the color scheme and theme of the wedding ceremony and reception. At the time, I didn’t have any, so I told them, again, that they were free to choose.

They asked me OK, so you don’t have a wedding theme — what colors do you prefer? I told them I didn’t want to tell them, because I wanted them to get a dress that they each liked and could wear again. Finally, I relented, and said that I like shades of blue that remind me of oceans and beaches. (For the record, I recently figured out some wedding colors: slate/charcoal gray and ocean blue.)

They said fine (clearly exasperated by this point) — do you want us to have matching dresses? I said absolutely not.

Both of my sisters are far more fashionable than I am, so while I feel a little bad about what an obstacle I’ve been, I know that it’s been for the best. Despite my lack of helpful suggestions on any level, my sisters found this beautiful dress. It’s Keira, from the Jenny Yoo Collection.

I emailed my sisters and asked them how they found this dress, which they picked up at Bella Bridesmaids in Los Gatos, Calif.

This is what Alisa said: “In terms of how we picked it . . . our tastes do not overlap very much in many things, but luckily we were able to agree on this style 🙂 Thanks for not putting us in some gaggy dress that looks like a wedding cake. We’ll actually be able to wear this dress again!”

From Sedora: “I think our mission was to find something that was flattering. That kind of weeded out 95 percent of the dresses we tried on. Luckily we found something pretty and flattering and that came in a bluish color. We did both spend hours online pouring over possible dresses (and probaly tried on over 50 dresses) before finding this super chic, cute, fun one!! Mission accomplished.”

Once again, my sisters turned a Mission: Impossible situation (i.e., me, a wedding and fashion considerations) into a Mission: Accomplished situation. I can’t wait to see them in this gorgeous style!

(Image credit: Screenshot from JennyYoo.com.)


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