Meet our wedding team: Officiant Terry Brown

After many emails with the wedding officiant, the bride and groom think they have the order of the ceremony down — at least they hope so, because the programs went to print earlier this week.

High Priest Terry L. Brown, wedding ceremony officiant


Terry Brown wears many hats. He’s a former Michigan state representative who is running to serve again in the state’s 84th legislative district; an ordained minister with Community of Christ; a former social worker; an active volunteer; a father and a husband; and the list goes on. Earlier this week, Terry held a news conference about the state’s education budget. While this is most certainly a nonpartisan wedding — (wedding) parties before politics! — you can listen to a short audio clip of Terry discussing the state’s educational priorities.

The backstory

Both Scott and Rose worked as writers at the Michigan House of Representatives. Neither were lucky enough to be Terry Brown’s writer, yet they still consider Terry to be one of the most accessible and genuine representatives they have ever met. They were grateful Terry would be willing to cross the state to marry them.

On the wedding day

To serve as the wedding’s officiant, Terry will be getting up early on May 20 to make the 3.5-hour trip from the Pigeon, in the Thumb section of the state, to Grand Rapids.

Terry Brown's family

The Brown family. From left to right: Bryan, Teresa, Carol, Terry and Christopher. Yes they are standing in a bean field!


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