Finalize wedding day programs, check. Finalize escort cards, check. Sign closing papers . . . really?

By Rose

Not sure we could have fit two bigger milestones into a one-week period. In less than 48 hours, Scott and I are scheduled to close on our new home in Okemos, Mich. Six days from now, we hit the big day and get married.

So, to make a long story short, yes, we survived the rigamarole of house-hunting while simultaneously figuring out this wedding thing. (We don’t recommend doing both at the same time.) More on the house after the wedding.

In any case, we appreciate everyone who helped pitch in to our home downpayment fund, which, as of Thursday, will officially become the home set-up fund because moving from a little one-bedroom apartment to a 1,400-square-foot house means we don’t have a single room furnished. What little furniture we do have fits well into the finished basement — and it only fits the basement (that should give you an idea of the state of our apartment). Our basic metal you-can-buy-it-new-for-$80 bed frame will go into the guest bedroom (sorry in advance, guests). And that’s literally it in terms of furnishings!

For those of you who will joining the party on Sunday, we will, if all goes according to plan, not only be newlyweds, but newlyweds with their first home. Talk about a megadose of long-term commitment. Good thing we feel ready on both counts.


5 thoughts on “Finalize wedding day programs, check. Finalize escort cards, check. Sign closing papers . . . really?

  1. When you’re ready to buy a mattress, Costco sells a $2,500 gel/memory foam mattress for only $600 (we got ours for $500 in-store, so you might want to check out your local Costco post-honeymoon). Same manufacturer – they just stick their own label on it (Novafoam Gel Memory Foam) and sell it for a fifth of the cost. We’re in love with ours!

    • Thanks for the tip! Scott and I will need lots of help and advice on the furniture front. 🙂 For example, are furniture and (regular, non-Costco) mattresses something people negotiate/haggle over for discounts?


  2. Yes, haggle over furniture and check their math. We just bought a bunch of furniture for our new house at several different places. We haggled them all down and every single place made a math error – all together it would have been hundreds of dollars if we hadn’t caught them all.

  3. While not inexpensive, this is all-natural, organic and will last you 30 plus years so it it a good investment (I bought mine last July and have never slept better in my life!!) ( I bought the eco-cloud awareness. No springs, 3, 3-inch layers of pure latex wrapped in a toxin-free wool mattress pad (wool is a natural flame retardant.) This is the single best purchase I have made in my life 🙂

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