[Wedding reception] Wedding collateral (i.e., the paper products inside the gift bags)

Gift bag (and its content) for each guest

By Rose

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I had such a blast coming up with the designs for the items inside each guest’s gift bags. We live in a digital world, and I thrive on the connectivity and the immediacy we get from that. But I’ve never gotten over my deep affection for cool paper products. With the help of the Claudia Curti Etsy shop, I was able to pull together a set of fun mini cards. Claudia’s shop is geared toward kids and moms, and that’s part of what I loved about it. The designs are meant to be light-hearted and effervescent — qualities we hope our guests find the wedding to be as well.

Tins by Claudia CurtiI loved the stack of customized mini cards — a mere two inches by two inches — that Claudia offers, and created the set based on that design. I showed her this website’s homepage photos, and asked her if she could do stick figure illustrations of a boy with a guitar and a girl seated in a lotus pose. She nailed it!

I started out with the party favor card, but the more into it I got, the more ideas I had for other pieces. As you can tell, I’m a big fan of Claudia’s — she is creative and very responsive. I don’t know how many times we emailed back and forth, working out each piece. She’s based on the West Coast, and I’m on East Coast time. Since all things wedding had to be done late at night after the work day ended, after the yoga class(es) had been taught, and finally after eating dinner, this meant I was emailing pretty damn late on my time, but usually in time for Claudia to see the email. So I would email ideas and go to bed. I’d wake up and in my inbox would be an Esty message or a proof of a design.

If this seems like a lot of paper . . . well, it is. But Scott and I relied on e-invites, and we’re really glad we did. (All of our invites went out over email, but a handful of paper invites were sent to family members.) By going the paper-free route for the invites, we had more of a budget with which to play around with these cards.


The mini, personalized notecard

The mini notecard is the centerpiece of the gift bag. It’s a way for us to include a personalized note to each of our guests — to thank them for coming to join us for this celebration, and to thank them for their friendship, love and support over the years.


Party favor card

The party favor card

Party favors for weddings are all over the web, and I looked at screens and screens of thumbnails featuring all sorts of cool and really not cool products. While some would have been fine, none were very compelling as a gift that would fit all of our guests. And really, neither Scott nor I wanted to spend money on little pieces of swag that people would be tossing or losing in a few days anyway. We liked the idea of donating to a charity — but which one? Then it became obvious. Andrea Ness, a brilliant and caring colleague who is inspirational to both me and Scott, has been instrumental in spreading awareness about a rare skin disease called epidermolysis bullosa, or EB. We decided we would donate an amount per guests to help fight EB.


"Keep in touch" card

The “keep in touch” card

Our KIT cards were our way of reminding guests that the fun doesn’t have to end just because the wedding party has come to a close. We have had such a blast documenting our journey toward the wedding with this website, and we wanted to remind everyone to head over the website after the wedding too — so they can see some of our photographer’s shots, order prints (our photographer set up a photo book for guests), and see a link they can use to post some of the photos they took.


Blank card

The “talk to us” card

As I kept adding cards, the more complete it felt. Still, something seemed to be missing — it all seemed so one-directional, with us talking to our guests. So we decided to include one blank card. Maybe some of our guests would have some serious marriage advice. Maybe some would want to be funny or witty. We included a pen in each bag to encourage the flow of words.

Gift muslin bags

The customized muslin gift bag

These pieces all came together inside a little muslin gift bag I found in the MyRubberStamps Etsy shop. We were actually inspired to use a muslin bag from seeing one in a boutique in La Jolla, Calif., when we were at the Ashtanga Yoga Confluence in March. This Etsy shop lets you pick a font to use for a custom stamp, and since I am so picky about my fonts, this was the ideal set-up. I bought gift tags from another Etsy shop. Those tags were tied with the loose strings of the muslin bags, and they served as the escort cards.


It’s no secret that I found wedding planning to be a challenge. Bur you know what? I could look at wedding collateral — the beautiful, creative, and inspired paper products — all day long. I’m sure there are thousands of blogs and sites that showcase interesting wedding designs. Hare are two random ones that I tripped over:

It’s probably a good thing I didn’t have more time to spend on planning the wedding, because I might have never been able to settle on the paper products.


2 thoughts on “[Wedding reception] Wedding collateral (i.e., the paper products inside the gift bags)

  1. All the best wishes goes to you Rose & Scott in this new chapter in your lives. I am so happy to be a tiny part of this big day. Blessings. Claudia

    • Thanks so much for the sweet blessings, Claudia! Everyone loved the notecards and cards — you were a big part in making that happen! I was so busy leading up to the wedding that I wasn’t able to include your interview, but I do still hope to get to that!


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