[Wedding weekend, day 2] Rehearsal dinner + dress!

Saturday was day 2 of the wedding weekend, when we all packed up the car and moved our stuff from Lansing to Grand Rapids. We checked in to our gorgeous rooms at the Amway Grand, where we had a little time to lounge before we got changed for the rehearsal dinner. (By “rehearsal dinner” we meant only that we would be rehearsing overeating, since there we weren’t actually doing anything as productive as rehearsing the wedding ceremony!)

Not only was I excited for the family time and what would undoubtedly be a fantastic meal at Bar Divani — I was excited to get to wear my Everlasting Luxe dress along with the beautiful arm cuff my sister Alisa ordered made for me.



2 thoughts on “[Wedding weekend, day 2] Rehearsal dinner + dress!

    • Aw, thanks, Dawn. We really missed you guys, but we knew you were with us in spirit. And we want to again thank you for suggesting Terry to us — we would have never thought we could ask him, since he doesn’t know us that well. His address was not only beautiful, but in true Terry form, it was funny.

      We were honored that he was the one who officially wedded us.


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