The day after the big day still feels pretty big

Stylized bridal photo against the wall

By Rose

The big day is over, but Scott and I are still riding high off the wedding weekend.

After we walked out of San Chez Bistro with the last of our guests a little before 11 p.m. last night, we started our pre-scheduled post-reception date by walking down to the Grand River behind the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel and laughing about our river visit in Florence, Italy, when Scott “proposed.” A lightning storm was getting underway, and a perfectly light rain welcomed us to the state of matrimony. We couldn’t have asked for better weather — sunny and warm during the day, and a touch of rain to top off the night.

When we got back to our hotel room, we realized we were both pretty hungry, so we ordered room service (kind of hilarious when there had been so much good food to eat at the reception — but we all know it’s hard to really get to eat at your own wedding) and ate wraps while we looked through the awesome guestbook my sisters had made for us and marveled as all the cards and gift boxes that had somehow appeared.

This morning, it was a sweet feeling to wake up wearing a wedding band. Scott and I had a pleasantly leisurely morning that included a quick dip in not just one, but both of the Amway Grand Plaza Hotel’s hot tubs. It was great to soak my aching feet after yesterday’s hours in heels.

After checking out, we packed up my husband’s Ford Fusion with boxes of wedding gifts, a bag of wedding cards, those extra long wedding garment bags and all the rest. And then we headed to a delicious Italian lunch at Tre Cugini with my parents, my sisters, my brother-in-law and my future brother-in-law. (Unfortunately, Scott’s parents had to head back home earlier in the morning.) It was so much fun to enjoy a long lunch when we could talk about the wedding weekend and about our plans this week.

Now, we’re back in Lansing. Our Facebook notifications have been blowing up with friends posting photos and videos, and with congratulations from friends from around the country. What Scott and I really want to do is to sit here for the next few hours and look through photos, write thank-you cards, blog (of course!) and generally reminisce about all the things we loved about this weekend, and all the random, cool aspects about the wedding.

  • The time with our families.
  • How much our parents enjoyed meeting each other for the first time.ย Reception
  • How beautiful my bridesmaids were, and how much they did for me — including getting on hands and knees minutes before the ceremony start time to scrub, from my wedding train, some city stains gained from photo shoots.
  • The time with old friends and new, from near and far.
  • How fun it turned out to be to get dressed up.
  • How much we got a kick out of changing our Facebook relationship status during our ceremony.
  • How sweet it was that people used the Twitter hashtag we had suggested — #scottplusrose — in our last email to guests before the wedding. (We hope to Storify the wedding when we have more time.)
  • How many times our very patient photographer had to say, “Get closer to each other. Even closer.”
  • How much we loved our officiant’s wedding ceremony address.
  • How we didn’t burn down the place during the unity candle ceremony.
  • How beautiful our wedding space was.
  • How neither of us fell down or had a total dance FAIL during our first dance.
  • How there were a few people we truly missed at the wedding, but we knew they were cheering us on from afar.
  • How good the dinner buffet was.
  • How many excellent bow tie and men’s clothing displays there were (including lime green shoes and florescent green pants — and not on the same guy!).
  • How much our guests raved about the cupcakes.
  • How the only thing we could say that we regretted was that we didn’t get a chance to sit down and talk to everyone.
  • How much fun it was to watch our families and our friends tear up the dance floor.
  • How sweet it was that my yogi friends sang “Happy Birthday” to me at the end of the night.
  • Have I mentioned fun yet? How much fun it all was.

But we can’t sit here for the next few hours doing any of that, because another deadline looms. We’re not complaining about this, except that it means we have to hold off on posting photos and messaging friends a little longer.

We get on a plane tomorrow to leave for the honeymoon, which means we have to pack.ย Fast.

Anyone who knows me well knows I am one of the slowest and least efficient packers you’ll meet. I eat faster than I pack, if you that gives you an idea. So, good-bye for now, and know that Scott and I are truly brimming with gratitude and good memories from this wedding weekend. Yes, we are incredibly lucky to have each other. But we’re just as lucky to have all of you.

Scott and Rose as travel gnomes

Scott’s mischievous friends Adam and Camilla made these Scott and Rose dolls, and took photos around Grand Rapids with them. We’ve decided they are our new travel gnomes, and will be going into our suitcase with us for the honeymoon.

(Photo credit: Top: My sister Alisa snapped a quick photo on her phone during a photo shoot with our absolutely wonderful photographer, Coreene Smith. Alisa then stylized it using Snapseed. I love this stylized version, and I can’t wait to see Coreene’s print too!)


8 thoughts on “The day after the big day still feels pretty big

  1. Your wedding was amazing! Thank you for including me! I am so thankful to call both of you my friends. Enjoy your honeymoon and your life together as husband and wife. Wendi

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