[Photos, videos and tweets] The gift that keeps on giving


By Scott

Thanks to everyone who has been sharing cute wedding-related photos, videos and tweets with us. We had entertained starting up a special Photobucket or Flickr account that people could share their photos on, but that seemed so . . . 2007. Instead, we’d love it if you just keep doing what you’ve been doing since the weekend:

  • Tagging us when sharing photos and videos on Facebook.
  • Heading to our Facebook wall to share links of photos you’ve uploaded to Flickr and the like.
  • Posting your photos on Google+ and sharing them with a limited circle that includes one or both of us.
  • Sharing files via Dropbox.
  • Emailing files to one of us.
  • Using the hashtag #scottplusrose if you’re tweeting something related.

All we ask as one final favor to us as newlyweds is that you, um, keep anything embarrassing from public consumption. 🙂

When prints taken by Coreene Smith of Tavla Studio are available, we’ll share that link with you here on the blog.

Thanks again!


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