[Wedding recap] Food, food and more food

Buffet dinner

By Rose

Everyone told us all the stress of the wedding planning would be worth it come day of, and they were right. But one aspect of the wedding planning we thoroughly enjoyed as it was happening was, not surprisingly, setting the menu for our buffet dinner.

As we sit in these less than comfortable seats during our first, four-hour leg of our plane ride to Maui, we thought it might be fun to recap our San Chez Bistro wedding reception menu. Scott and I have been to San Chez Bistro enough times to know which of the tapas offerings we crave most, but in setting the buffet menu, we knew we would have a bit of a challenge to balance out the needs of our guests.

We had a fairly significant contingent of guests with more adventurous taste buds, and within that, there were perhaps half a dozen vegetarians. We also knew we would have at least a couple of tables of guests who prefer sticking with more traditional meat-and-potatoes American fare. We hope we did a decent job of balancing out the two.

Holler if you had a favorite!

Butler items offered during the cocktail hour:

Fritos De Queso Azul
Fried blue cheese fritters with red pepper aioli.

Pan Con Tomate
Tomato, basil, vinegar, garlic and onion on toasted baguette.

Medjool Con Almendras
Dates stuffed with Marcona almonds, with spicy romesco.

Buffet menu items:

We decided to split our salad item into two halves so that we could offer a vegetarian option and a salad that featured braised pork.

Ensalada Campesino
Artichoke, red onion, white beans, roasted portabella, roasted red pepper, tomato, feta, kalamata olives, organic greens, sherry vinaigrette.

Ensalada Mixta
Braised pork, goat cheese, red onion, Marcona almonds, dried cherries, anchiote dressing.

Scott and I love San Chez’s tortellini dish. It’s delicious but doesn’t ask for any gastronomic leap of faith to enjoy, so this was on the menu as a palate pleaser for all tastes.

Cheese tortellini, Manchego cheese, garlic, pimientos, sherry vinaigrette.

This next dish comprised of juicy chunks of chicken and hearty pieces of chorizo was put on the menu to accommodate anyone at the reception who longed for some straight-forward meat without any unfamiliar sauces or cooking techniques.

Pollo y chorizo a La Plancha
Grilled chicken and chorizo with cumin aioli

This next one was one of my favorite items of the night. San Chez does a beautiful job of blending quinoa with black beans to create a not-too-common taste that’s also nice and filling.

Verduras y Tortas
Spicy black bean and quinoa cakes, roasted vegetables, avo-cucumber sauce.

Now we’re getting into some of the riskier gambles we took. We think that for most people, you either love portabella mushrooms or you hate them. So this was not going to be a dish that everyone could gravitate toward — but we felt that it would be a wonderful addition for our vegetarian and vegetarian-loving friends. We had one guest with lactose sensitivities, so we asked the restaurant to make her a portabella mushroom cap without the cheese.

Seta Rellena Grande
Portabella mushroom cap, spinach, Manchego cheese, roasted red pepper, tomato vinaigrette.

Both Scott and I love the way San Chez prepares its Ahi tuna, so we sprung for this next dish to offer the seafood-loving among us a real treat.

Atun en Escabeche
Herb-seared Ahi tuna, leek and carrot ribbons, mango coulis and salsa verde.

This next dish was a surprise winner during our tasting session. If either one of us had tried this one before, we couldn’t remember it, and it was such a refreshing small plate that we decided to round out the buffet with it.

Tostones Fritos
Fried plantains, avocado relish, jalapeno honey.

For dessert, we ordered a small, square, two-layered cake so that we could cut into the bottom layer and save the small top layer as our anniversary cake. Going this route allowed us to have our cake and eat our cupcakes too, because our main dessert offering came in the form of two different kinds of filled cupcakes. One was geared for the chocolate lovers, and one was an indulgence for fruit lovers (especially mango). I think Scott and I heard more about the cupcakes than any other single item, so we’re happy that the cupcakes scored high with our guests.



2 thoughts on “[Wedding recap] Food, food and more food

  1. The food was absolutely out-of-this WORLD!!! Loved it! I’m not sure all of the names on all the dishes I tried, but I do know the name of the dessert, chocolate cupcakes. WOW! all of it was fantastic. The most thrilling thing of the wedding was seeing Rose and Scott’s wedding dance. Adelante, mis amigos! Arriba, arriba!! encore! For those of you who aren’t familiar with latin dancing, let me say, that was a true feat of grace, rhythm, and coordination, and Rose in heels, no less!

    It was so refreshing that they didn’t follow all the wedding traditions to a tee. I loved that Rose gave her bouquet to her aunt and uncle, the couple there who’s been married the longest. And in place of the bridesmaid’s speech, and best man’s, Rose and Scott gave the speech. It was nice to be introduced in that way to the others who were there celebrating this special union. I wish I could’ve met more of the people there. The ones I did meet were truly memorable, but of course, they’re Rose and Scott’s friends! The most memorable, I have to say, was her dad!

    The personal notes at the table together with the charming graphics on the notes, the High Priest Terry Brown’s sermon, the wedding party entering to jazz, and for the processional, a Radiohead song! I can’t remember a more soulful creation to celebrate a very special couple making a life commitment. Good job, Rose and Scott!

    I enjoyed following along on the honeymoon. Lovely!! Rose and Scott: I need to take 7 years of intensive techie classes to keep up with yous guys, and while I’m a bit reluctant to throw up a post next to two amazingly creative writers, I couldn’t miss the opportunity to say how much I enjoyed being there with you, how HAPPY I am for you, and my wish that you may you have love and freedom in every moment.. Anna

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