[Honeymoon] On the road to Hana

By Rose

Hello from Maui! Scott and I arrived late late Tuesday night. It was 11 p.m. local time and 5 a.m. EST by the time we saw our hotel room, so we were beyond exhausted.

Yesterday, day 1 of the #scottplusrose honeymoon, we had lunch on one of the Ka’anapali beaches, stocked the amazing kitchen we have in our hotel room and drove about 75 minutes to the town of Pa’ia to enjoy our splurge dinner of the trip at Mama’s Fish House. What an incredible meal. The food here is so fresh that the restaurant prints two menus a day, and includes the name of the fishermen who pulled in that catch of the day.


Now, the morning of day 2 of this trip, we are back in our convertible Jeep Wrangler and starting our adventure along the legendary road to
Hana. You’ll all be happy to know Scott is driving on the challengingly curvy, 52-mile stretch. I am in the passenger seat putting up this blog post, which means the roads of Maui are safe from me.

And for Scott’s U.P. peeps who made us the S + R travel dolls, here is one snapshot.



3 thoughts on “[Honeymoon] On the road to Hana

  1. Looks AMAZING! So jealous. Sounds like your trip couldn’t be going any better! Safe travels. Have fun! Diggin the Yooper dolls!

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