[Honeymoon] Maui threads

By Rose

I am having a really hard time accepting that Scott and I are at the Kahului Airport (OGG) again, which means our honeymoon is o-v-e-r. (It was a perfect honeymoon, for the record. We are about as blissed out as we get. More on that later.) So as any reasonable person would do to stay occupied, I thought I’d blog about some our Maui threads.

You guys know neither one of us could ever be mistaken for a fashionista, but it was pretty fun to blog about some of our wedding designs, so we’ll continue with Maui.

Here is a vintage restyled dress I picked up in Columbus, Ohio, when I was getting my rehearsal dinner dress altered:


We took this photo at an amazing scenic outlook stop just past the town of Pa’ia.

A friend of the seamstress who designed my rehearsal dinner dress found this dress in a high school storage area or something. Betsy, the seamstress, restyled it, and it looked beautiful to me. For functional reasons, I asked for some straps to be added, and the dress was soon dubbed my Maui dress and became my fun honeymoon piece. During the final hectic weeks leading up to the wedding, every time I saw the dress hanging in my closet, I felt a little excited and a little relieved at the thought that on May 22, we would be getting on a plane for Hawaii.

Here is how Scott and I looked the evening we had our one splurge dinner of the honeymoon, at a wonderful place on the water called Mama’s Fish House:


You can’t tell, but on my right arm I was wearing the handmade arm cuff my sister Alisa bought for my rehearsal dinner dress, and I wore the hair pin I had on during our wedding reception. Scott threw the sports coat he had bought for our trip last year to Florence, Italy over a Gap shirt and jeans.

His aviator sunglasses, by the way, were a last-minute purchase. Scott somehow does not own sunglasses (sadly, sunglasses are not 100 percent necessary in Michigan) and he knew he needed a pair for Maui. He picked these Fossil shades up at the Macy’s near our apartment. I think they are the perfect look for him.

This next photo was taken at a volcanic black sand beach just west of the town of Hana. Scott is sporting the jersey of Detroit City FC, a brand new minor league soccer team back in Detroit. The jersey arrived only a few days before we left town, so the timing was great:


Something old, new, borrowed and blue is a wedding tradition but it held true for our honeymoon. Here is the blue hand-me-up dress from my youngest sister Sedora. I’ve learned over the years that anything I wear that had anything to do with Sedora and her impeccable fashion sense will get more compliments than anything I pick out, and it was true in Maui. I got great compliments on this dress:


This photo was taken at an incredible Banyan tree park in the old town center of Lahaina. That banyan tree blew my mind. I’ll try to post more on it later.

I will be the first to admit that I have sub-par bathing suits. Hell, before meeting Scott, I didn’t even own a bikini because I refused to wear them. Scott bought me this sweet bathing Sunsets bathing suit in Maui, and I picked up a cool gray skirt cover-up:


I love my Maui bathing suit, and I can’t wait to wear it on some Lake Michigan beaches this summer.

Finally, here is Scott this afternoon, wearing his Radiohead King of Limbs sweatshirt (we have matching ones — gross, I know! But we both independently liked the design) looking out from the breath-taking — figuratively and literally, due to the intense wind gusts — Haleakala Crater summit 10,000 feet up.


It’s pretty cute how all the locals warned us repeatedly about how cold it would be at the summit. But my Yooper wasn’t fazed by the relentless wind blasts — he stuck to his shorts (I changed into jeans immediately upon reaching the top) and only threw on the sweatshirt. You can take the Yopper out of the Upper Peninsula, but you can’t take away his mettle, even during a Maui honeymoon.


2 thoughts on “[Honeymoon] Maui threads

  1. You’re bringing back lots of memories — we were on Maui for the wife’s 40th birthday. We even violated the rental car agreement and drove entirely around the island! Loved the daily rainbows!

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