[Wedding photos] Seriously, could our wedding guests have been any cuter?

By Rose

As promised, Coreene Smith wrapped up our online wedding photo gallery today and sent us the link. While Scott and I love to do the Scott and Rose at a black sand beach in MauiiPhone reverse screen self-portrait move when traveling together (as pictured here, during our honeymoon when we hit a black sand beach in Maui), we are more naturally camera shy when it comes to formal events.

Except, it turns out, when it comes to our own wedding. Who knew that we’d open up the link Coreene sent us with the same excitement that we hit the play button on a new Radiohead album. Part of that had to do with getting all warm and grateful all over again (not that we’ve actually stopped feeling that over the past few weeks) at how much we loved having all these big-hearted people in our lives all in one room for a celebration. Part of it had to do with relishing the details and moments that Coreene captured.

So, as we go through the wedding photos some more instead of sleeping early like we should, you should head over to the link as well to check out your fine selves in the Rose + Scott wedding photo booth.

Seriously — you guys could not have been any cuter. There are the usual stylin’ among you — NaomiNickMattChelseaDavidRachelTomDougKatyAdamMeghanNehaShaskiDerek — and that’s just for starters in the first four rows.

But Jesse, baby, you totally raised the bar when you raised your leg and showed off your fine footwear. It’s no wonder you’re such a hit with the young people and the parents everywhere. 😉

Have at it. Tavla Studio’s Facebook page is here, if you have questions for Coreene.

Photo Booth 1

There’s more!

Photo Booth 2

And then there’s . . .

Photo Booth 3

…and finally, there’s . . .

Photo Booth 4


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