[FAQ] Home sweet home

By Rose

Scott and I would have loved to have blogged about our move last week to our new house, but we were simply too busy, between getting out of our Delta Township apartment on the west side of Lansing, setting up this new place, and of course, working in between. We’ve officially spent nine nights here now, and we can’t tell you how much we love this place. Thanks to all our friends and family who have contributed in some way, be it a wedding gift or advice. Believe me, we’ve needed it all to make it this far!

Here are some are some answers to frequently asked questions:

Are you all moved in?

Yes! But the only rooms that are totally set up are the bathrooms and the kitchen (although Scott’s man cave basement is close — it’s currently pretty well appointed, with a couch, weights, guitars and a TV). We have exactly one chair in the house (a desk chair) and two bar stools (the ones we sit on to eat, blog and everything else). As you might expect, when you get married, leave for a honeymoon and close on a house all in the same week, it doesn’t leave a lot of money for furniture after the return from the honeymoon and the subsequent move-in. We don’t want to go the IKEA route — been there, done that, for apartment after apartment — so we are waiting until we have the funds to finish one room at a time.

Is everything still in boxes?

We’ve cleared the living room, dining area, master bedroom and the guest bedroom, which means that the other two rooms that are left — the office and my yoga room (woo-hoo!) are filled wall to wall with boxes. It’s going slower than it might because I am intent on lightening my load (as in, finding more stuff I can toss or donate) and organizing like crazy as rooms get set up rather than put it off. Quality and not quantity is my mantra in unpacking and setting up.

Do you feel like real homeowners yet?

Yes. Just today, for example, we opened up our mailbox to find an envelope with “PROPERTY TAX BILL” in all-cap red letters. We’ve already each made three trips to Home Depot. The other day, Scott started out his morning fixing a toilet (he felt very manly doing it, too). I have come upon the bummer of a conclusion that the dishwasher doesn’t work correctly, is outright harming some of our dishes, and will likely need to be replaced sooner rather than later (and I feel like a domestic godess for demanding a functioning — and gleaming wouldn’t hurt — dishwasher, and already thinking about what color it should be). So, we are well on our way.

Have you spent much time outside the house?

We. Love. Our. Deck. Sure, it needs to be stained like nobody’s business. But we scored an awesome outdoor love seat, club chair and coffee table from Target’s clearance section last week, and being able to sit out on the deck in the summer heat (it has been hot here — up to 99 degrees last week) has been heavenly.

You said you’ve been there nine days. Have you killed any plants yet?

Thankfully, no. The owners before us had beautiful lilies and Japanese maple growing in the front yard, and we’re working hard (along with crossing our fingers) that we buck our abysmal track record on plants and are able to tend to them and keep them looking great.

Do you have photos?

Some, but I don’t have time to post any now, so you’ll have to accept a raincheck on photos. Rest assured that can’t wait to share photos as rooms get pulled together!

It’s tremendous how welcoming this home has been. When we turned the keys and stepped in here for the first time, we found a lovely note the previous owners left for us congratulating us once again. They even left a little talisman for us, which was so touching. My family sent photos and cards timed to arrive when we arrived. And this weekend, Scott’s parents came to visit and help set up the house. We are very lucky to have so much support.

It’s a lot of work to own a home,  and the idea of paying off a mortgage in 30 years seems daunting. The realization that we’re in the suburbs and loving our neighborhood is another sign that we’re entering the next phase of our life together and embracing it, rather than resisting it.  (Although I will say it now, for the record. We will never — ever — did I mention never ever? buy a minivan.)

For good measure, the first album we played in our new home was Arcade Fire’s The Suburbs. 😉


5 thoughts on “[FAQ] Home sweet home

  1. Still enjoying your blogs Rose. Congrats on moving into your new home … welcome to the joy of ‘property taxes!’ 😦 I cringe at receiving that envelope in the mail twice a year … the worst part of summer and winter! Have a happy 4th of July ~

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