The great outdoors

By Rose

On the setting-up-the-house-o-meter, I estimate that we’re at 70 percent. I just ran that figure by Scott and he disagreed, saying we have a lot more to do. My argument is that even though we don’t have a couch, or our real bed, or a dining table, or my official yoga room floor (I want to replace the carpet in there with bamboo), we’ve set up about 70 percent of what we physically have in the house.

What do we fully have, as noted in a recent blog post, is outdoor furniture. Last time we wrote, we had recently scored a loveseat, chair and coffee table in the clearance section of Target (55 percent off, baby!). This past weekend, we’ve achieved another exciting red-tag victory: a hammock at 60 percent off, hidden away on a random clearance shelf at Kohl’s. (I learned how to shop from the best of the best — my mom, a woman with an eye for design who knew the savviest ways to find quality goods at bargain-bin prices. Why pay more when you don’t have to?)

First, the hammock, which was not only steeply discounted and the only one being sold — the color fits our red deck pretty nicely:


Here’s a shot of the loveseat that I adore, along with the lilies and Japanese maple that grow in our front yard (which I also adore):


We’ve kept our soldier of a grill, a portable Weber Q (Best. Grill. Ever.) that’s survived more than one Michigan winter outside on Scott’s apartment deck, and grilled a few times already. Last week on the Fourth of July, Scott had chicken kebobs and I had shrimp:


I love summer on so many levels. Most Michiganders I know have been hating on this upper-90s heat wave we’ve been experiencing the past week or so. Even for a Nola-born girl like me, I would be lying if I didn’t say the temps have reached uncomfortably hot and oppressive levels. Still, summer is my time, and I have no complaints — I get to break out my skirts, sandals and anklets, and this year, for the first time ever, I have my very own deck to chill on.


One thought on “The great outdoors

  1. like everything you bought. good eyes, good taste( just like who?} and very good price too ! now the whole world know my biggest secret! .all my love,hugs, and kisses.

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