One year ago today . . .

. . . a bunch of you — our friends and family*** — came together to help us celebrate the start of a new shared adventure. Thank you for making that day so tremendous. The joy and playfulness emanating from everyone felt like pixie dust that’s still settling down on us, even now.



terry ml.jpg


am mwac

There were a few of you who couldn’t come to the wedding festivities, but sent the most thoughtful sentiments and gifts anyway (you know who you are). Thank you — you have no idea how much that meant to us.

And even though our immediate families live hours and hours away (by plane to California and by car to the Upper Peninsula), we feel their love and support as if they were right here with us.

family moms menofthemfamily sisters

That said, based on your rave reviews, we do realize the one thing that everyone loved most that day had to be:


🙂 Cheers!

***You can check out all the photo booth pics from the wedding. And know that your smiling faces are part of the wedding photo books that we leave out near the kitchen, within reach for quick, frequent peeks. The first set of photos above were from the photo booth set up by Tavla Studio, and the second set were taken by Coreene Smith of Tavla Studio. Finally — thanks for all the photos and videos you guys sent us and shared with us over Facebook and the like. We cherish them all.)


One thought on “One year ago today . . .

  1. Rose and Scott

    Happy Anniversary, you two. Can’t believe it’s been a year since I was at your wedding. You’ve probably been saying that to each other a lot today.
    Thinking of you. Hope you are well.


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