His and hers meditation climates

By Rose

“That Onion article might have been the most accurate statement ever,” Scott said tonight as we sat down to do our daily meditation.

He was referring, of course, to The Onion’sGirlfriend To Stay Underneath Blanket For Next 5 Months“:

PROVIDENCE, RI—Immediately after sitting down on the living room couch and covering herself in a large cotton blanket, area girlfriend Amanda Bettman, 28, announced her intentions Monday to remain in this state for the next five calendar months. “I am cozy right now, this is my ideal state of warmth and comfortability, and I shall remain underneath this blanket for the next 150 days or until such time as the cold weather season has fully transpired,” the Providence resident confirmed to her boyfriend as she drew the comforter to her ears and curled up amongst several big, fluffy pillows. “Blankets provide warmth, I am warm underneath this blanket, and being warm is better than being cold. These are the primary motivations behind my decision.” Bettman told her boyfriend she also intended to maintain a state of constant watch over their apartment’s thermostat.

I almost had a hard time starting my meditation because I kept laughing at how we must look to someone else — Scott in his post-workout tank and shorts, and me wrapped in the two blankets I bought from Marshalls for our daily sits (one of these blankets was allegedly purchased for Scott, but I usually ask him at the beginning of the meditation if he actually intends to use his, and he never says yes, so I very happily pull it over to my cushion).

After meditation, we set a timer on our camera app to show you how ridiculous we looked:

his and hers meditation climates

All things considered, our his and hers meditation climates (that space heater on my side was on, by the way) are a marked improvement to the his and hers post we did during our wedding planning (“His and hers speeding tickets“). If only we had been meditating consistently back then. 😉


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