His and hers meditation climates

“That Onion article might have been the most accurate statement ever,” Scott said tonight as we sat down to do our daily meditation. He was referring, of course, to The Onion’s “Girlfriend To Stay Underneath Blanket For Next 5 Months.” Continue reading

The great outdoors

Most Michiganders I know have been hating on this upper-90s heat wave we’ve been experiencing the past week or so. Even for a Nola-born girl like me, I would be lying if I didn’t say the temps have reached uncomfortably hot levels. But summer is my time — I get to break out my skirts, sandals and anklets, and this year, for the first time ever, I have my very own deck to chill on. Continue reading

Family style

Bev and Steve (aka Scott’s parents) made the 8-plus-hour drive down from the Upper Peninsula to visit us this weekend, with cairn terriers Abby and Whoopie (aka the “Swanson sisters”) in tow. We felt guilty that they basically worked from the time they arrived until the time they left, but we would not fee this settled if they hadn’t come to help us. Continue reading

[FAQ] Home sweet home

Q: Do you feel like real homeowners yet? A: Yes. Just today, for example, we opened up our mailbox to find an envelope with “PROPERTY TAX BILL” in all-cap red letters. We’ve already each made three trips to Home Depot. The other day, Scott started out his morning fixing a toilet. I have come upon the bummer of a conclusion that the dishwasher doesn’t work correctly and will likely need to be replaced. Continue reading