His and hers meditation climates

“That Onion article might have been the most accurate statement ever,” Scott said tonight as we sat down to do our daily meditation. He was referring, of course, to The Onion’s “Girlfriend To Stay Underneath Blanket For Next 5 Months.” Continue reading


[Honeymoon] Ukulele style

Nothing says “I’m a newly married manly family man” quite like pawing away at a pineapple-sized instrument best associated with “Tiptoe through the Tulips.” Continue reading

Post script to All I Need (aka the power of Radiohead, part 2)

. . . and yet, I am having a hard time keeping it together the last couple of days. My astrology- and yoga-minded friends will say of course, it’s Mercury retrograde. Others might observe it’s the Ides of March. Scott figured perhaps I needed I more Radiohead. Continue reading