Pretty things + cool people

This is the page where we’ll include more details about the pretty things — the wedding dress, the rings, the flowers, all that good stuff — and the cool people making this wedding a reality.  Check back periodically for the latest additions. 



Kiera, from the Jenny Yoo CollectionBridesmaids dresses + luxe chiffon

Get a sneak peak at the flowing, luxe chiffon dresses that Rose’s sisters will be wearing!


Image of makup brushes via o5com's FlickrBeauty + the bridal party

The bridal party will have Tammy Trew and Raven Bassett to thank for silky skin and unique up-dos.


Clock wallet by rocket ship via FlickrTough jobs + even tougher jobs

Claire Duthler and Jamie Carnes have really tough jobs — making sure the wedding day itself goes smoothly. Rose and Scott feel that as bride and groom, their jobs are, by comparison, probably easier. 🙂


Alternate view of the Everlasting Luxe GownRehearsal dinner + lust for luxe

The Everlasting Luxe Gown is a custom-designed dress made from repurposed charcoal gray brushed cotton poplin with alluring cascading ruffles, sweet ruching and an asymmetrical shoulder. The silk trim rounds out the unique personality of this gorgeously draped dress. Rose can’t wait to wear it to the rehearsal dinner (she just hopes she can keep her hands off . . . herself).

Cameras + the camera-shy

Coreene Smith of Tavla Studio took the photos you see on the homepage photo slider. (We took those photos, by the way, at Hilltop Yoga in Lansing, where both Coreene and I completed Hilaire Lockwood’s rigorous yoga teacher training program.) Scott and I are thrilled Coreene will be our wedding photographer. Not only does she do gorgeous work, she’s great at coaxing comfortable smiles out of two people who are don’t like formal pictures. See the Tavla Studio website and like the studio on Facebook. And read more about Coreene in our blog post interview.


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