We realize, based on text messages, emails and second-hand questions we’ve been receiving, that there is some confusion about our registry. (If you were confused, you were not the only one.) Sorry about that! We were trying to make everything easier, rather than harder, by widening the choices.

In any case, we’ve simplified matters a bit. The answer is yes! We have a registry, and we actually updated it recently. Click here to get to it.

We hope this clears up everyone’s questions, but if you still have any, feel free to ask us directly.

(Graphic credit: Cartoon House via Oxygen’s Flickr photostream.)


4 thoughts on “Registry

  1. I ‘m so touched with your writing “If you’re on our wedding invite list, you’ve already done something at some point that we have seen as a gift!”. It’s the best thoughts given on Wedding Registry I’ve ever seen ! I’m so proud of you !
    All my love, hugs, and kisses.

  2. This is the most awesome wedding invite I’ve ever received. I’m proud to call you my friends! Really thoughtful, but then, you are two thoughtful people. Thanks for forging a new way.


    • Hi Anna,

      Woot! We’re excited you liked the invite and are enjoying the website. We had a lot of fun creating the website, actually. It seems like a great way to stay in touch with friends and family.

      I’m thrilled you’ll be able to come to the wedding and share in this special day. You’ve helped me through so much, and I’m excited to get to spend such a happy day with you.


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