[Wedding reception] Table numbers

Table numbers

Our table numbers matched the theme of the wedding collateral inside each guest’s gift bag. The QR code sends people to — where else? — this website. We hoped the QR code would do three things Continue reading

[Wedding reception] Wedding collateral (i.e., the paper products inside the gift bags)

Gift muslin bags

I had such a blast coming up with the designs for the items inside each guest’s gift bags. We live in a digital world, and I thrive on the connectivity and the immediacy we get from that. But I’ve never gotten over my deep affection for cool paper products. With the help of the Claudia Curti Etsy shop, I was able to pull together a set of fun mini cards. Continue reading

[Bridal jewelry] Draped pearl strands and rhinestones

Vintage style clips and pearls

By Rose I’m not sure how anyone pulled together a wedding look before Etsy existed. 🙂 I didn’t intend to get matching bridal jewelry, but after my hairstylist and I figured out the look we would go for on the … Continue reading

[Wedding ceremony] Anatomy of a ring exchange

Fire #1 via guybo's Flickr

We loved the idea of the laborious — and hopelessly unglamorous — journey that metal takes to become a ring. So we used that as the seed of our exchange. Sitting on our couch with our MacBook trading laps as we tried out various concepts and turns of phrases, we came up these words for our ring exchange. Continue reading